Tracking Market Cycles for Global Investors and Traders

The K Wave eBook Edition

The K Wave; Prospering from the Cyclical Booms and Busts in the Global Economy, reviews our global economic and financial crises, and presents in clear terms a picture of what the future may hold. Contrary to proponents of gloom and doom, financial market analyst and world-systems analyst David Knox Barker shows that there are positive forces at work that can create The Great Republic—a new golden age that embraces not global socialism and wealth redistribution but true international free-market capitalism.

In The K Wave, Barker explains how the long wave theory, introduced and developed by Russian economist Nikolai Kondratieff, and validated by System Dynamics at MIT, has proven to be a precise forecaster of economic and financial events. The long wave shows how cycles of boom and bust have occurred throughout history—as far back as Leviticus and the insightful laws regarding debt cancellation in the Year of Jubilee.

Barker takes us through a brief historical overview of financial crises, bringing into focus the last two hundred years. He delves into the “seasons” that mark the wave’s contraction and expansion. He examines the impact of wars, the role that banks have played, and the influence of stock markets worldwide. He shows the sure disaster if we engage in trade wars. He debunks the myth about the long-term safety of fixed-income securities, and takes a look at the commodity markets and the creation of a new system of international digital gold currency.

In prior editions, Barker accurately predicted the deflationary debt collapse, crashing stock markets, the international banking disaster, and the crisis of capitalism with remarkable accuracy. His latest book offers an optimistic view of the future founded on the theory that the economy thrives on “new beginnings born of adversity caused by prior mistakes and the crises they create.” From these crises, he points to the advent of new ideas and technologies, creating a better world economically, politically, and spiritually.

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