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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Schumpeter vs. Wall and the Business Cycle Count in the Long Wave

Joseph Schumpeter was a Harvard economist and president of the Econometric Society (1940-41). He was author of the two-volume tome Business Cycles (McGraw-Hill 1939). Schumpeter’s cycle research is of particular interest because he was one of the first to attempt to integrate sociological understanding into economic trends. He also presented an integrated approach to cycles…
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Explaining the Heisenberg Omen of Human Action in Price and Time

In a recent article, I introduced the notion that the Heisenberg uncertainty principle provides far more insight for investors and traders interested in market cycle analysis than the infamous Hindenburg Omen. Feedback from readers suggests many appreciated this new line of thinking, while others challenged the proposed application of hard science principles to the softer…
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Global Stock Market Cycle Forecast 2011

The job of a stock market cycle tracker and forecaster is far more difficult with trillions of dollars in government intervention and global central bank quantitative easing sloshing around global markets. The liquidity is bidding up everything from oil to coffee to corn, but the cyclical stock market picture is clearing up. There is both…
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New School Fibonacci Market Cycle Analysis

There are investors and traders that have been misinformed. They believe the application of Fibonacci ratios to stock market movements in price and time have been fully explored, suggesting there is nothing new in the remarkable discovery of Italy’s favorite son, Leonard Fibonacci, for investing and trading applications. Research at Long Wave Dynamics (LWD) suggests…
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