The K Wave Endorsements

(Endorsements collected from all editions; 1987, 1995, 2009, 2012, 2020 pending)

“This book provides an additional interesting historical perspective on the economic long wave”

Jay W. Forrester, Germeshausen Professor Emeritus
Alfred P. Sloan School of Management
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Barker displays a depth of intuitive wisdom we can only call genius. This book is a cool oasis of truth in the Keynesian desert of current academic economics.”

P.Q. Wall, Market Analyst
P.Q. Wall Forecasts, Inc.

“The Kondratieff Wave is exceedingly difficult to present objectively and comprehensively. David Knox Barker makes a compelling case for the existence and character of long-term social cycles.”

Robert R. Prechter, Jr.
Elliott Wave International

“As a reader of your book, The K Wave, and subscriber to The Market Cycle Dynamics Letter, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your work. My investment life is vastly more simple now, allowing copious free time to pursue other endeavors that are in harmony with the current long wave cycle. I’ve made significant life changing decisions based on the information in your book and have never been happier. I breathed a sigh of relief upon my first reading, as years of market study came together as a tangible perceptual map that I could finally get my head around. I will be forever grateful that you chose to share your research, and look forward to many years of following your work. Bravo! All My Best”

Jay Martin

“Barker’s book is a must-read for students of the business cycle. He relates the concept of the long wave in a credible and detailed manner. Very thought-provoking.”

James M. Benham, Chairman
The Benham Group

“Barker justifies the long wave perspective in an excellent discussion of business cycle psychology, the cycles of war, banking, trade, agriculture, technology, and politics. He endeavors to give the investor a rational approach to various investment vehicles.”

Dr. James L. Green, Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia
The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

“I have been reading David Knox Barker’s books and newsletters since the mid 1990’s, beginning with The K Wave. Barker’s explanation of The K Wave Theory, economic field theory, the historical concept of “Jubilee”, all struck a cord with me. The past few years have seen a vast array of evidence of the K Wave Winter…bankruptcies of people, major corporations, small businesses, foreclosures, bank closings, unemployment and asset depreciation. Many of us have seen intimate examples of these. We have even seen entire countries on the brink of insolvency. The concepts laid forth by David Barker in The International Long Wave Dynamics Letter have given me a framework on which to hang all these events, and helped me to comprehend all these changes. Importantly, it is good to know that a long wave spring will follow this long wave winter season.”

Bob B., M.D., USA

“I’m currently 55 years old, a physician, and am closing in on the ability to retire early. In the early 90’s a dear friend loaned me The Great Reckoning by Davidson & Rees Mogg. I read it and was stunned overall, but I remember clearly their chapter on long waves. It made a lot of sense. At that time I was essentially indigent; over $100,000 in debt from med school and with NO financial or investing savvy and not a nickel in retirement accounts. I started reading and dabbling, subscribed to IBD, read “How to make money in Stocks“, lost a bit of money in stocks and futures, found a translation of the original works by Kondratieff, couldn’t read a word of it (and fortunately returned the books for full refund!), and in 1995 got a lucrative position as a chief at a small hospital. I started putting away lots of money and of course hooked up with one of the churning institutions. I lost about $50,000 there. But about that time I found The K Wave book, bought it, read it, and became convinced that we were entering a “winter” around 2000. Although I didn’t understand all the nuances – housing starts, price of Gold, T bills, what went up when and why…I did get the basics, and as I read newsletters and other like minded books voraciously started to see that the pattern seemed to fit the K wave perfectly. That’s all I needed to know. After an ill timed excursion back into stocks about the time of the Tech Wreck, I altered my portfolio to reflect my understanding of the K wave. I haven’t made much in investing, but I invested in metals, saved, got out of stocks, and mostly out of bonds, diversified overseas, and steadily grew my net worth over the last decade. I was so taken with K wave theory that I started looking for another copy of your book. Of course, it was out of print and available used on Amazon for up to $75-200! I finally found a second copy and have one for each of my boys. They’ve been instructed to learn this and use it to guide their financial futures, and not to pay any attention to any fool who tells them that the business cycle is dead. Then just a few days ago I got an ad from something with your new book on it so I ordered one. I’m thrilled to see you are “still out there” and have a newsletter and look forward to seeing what you have to say. Thanks for making The K Wave readable. Along with The Great Reckoning, the Coming Economic Earthquake (published back in the late 80’s, I think), and Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, you probably literally saved my financial life.”

Best – Joe Ullman, Falmouth, Maine


“I’ve been a MCD member for 3 months and find the materials, tools and processes very helpful to my trading. David’s insightful cyclic views of the market make sense and provide me the big picture market direction as well as time saving tools to pin point potential market turning points. His analysis is thorough yet easy to understand. If you haven’t read David’s book, The K Wave, I highly recommend it. It is a must read for traders and investors and is a great overview of the economic cycles Dave puts into practice at LWD.”

R. Flynn, Merrimack, NH