Value Investing

Market Cycle Dynamics, LLC adheres to and advocates the basic advice of Benjamin Graham on value based discounted cash flow investing and the principles presented in his book The Intelligent Investor. Cycle analysis provides a timing tool for when to buy value and when to sell. The Market Cycle Dynamics approach to market cycle analysis creates a formula timing plan for investors and traders.

Value based investments are based on a set of rules that purchases future cash flows at present discounted prices. Cycle bottoms present the best opportunities to purchase such value. Value based investments bought at cycle lows can be sold at cycle tops. The objective is to use Market Cycle Dynamics to identify market cycle lows for buying and market cycle tops for selling for investors. Traders use the small and large cycle lows and tops for executing their trading strategy.

In addition to identifying the tops and bottoms of cycles, every issue of The Market Cycle Dynamics Letter presents a list of the shares that meet very basic and specific published value based parameters for P/E, debt to equity ratio, sales to price ratio, etc.