The K Wave Dedication to PQ Wall

The K Wave is dedicated to the late legendary and magnanimous market analyst and philosopher PQ Wall (1931-2009). PQ’s life demonstrated that destiny is real. Just one of PQ’s many contributions to market cycle research is the Wall cycle, a remarkable cycle that is 1/144th of a long wave cycle in length. The evidence for the Wall cycle is overwhelming. The Wall cycle is one of the most important discoveries in the history of market cycle research and financial analysis; the Wall cycle is a miniature long wave. The Wall cycle is the next whole of completeness in the fields of human action that produce global market cycles. In addition, this book is dedicated to you, the reader. You and your life’s purpose are an essential part of the powerful and unfolding force of human action in individual, family, local, national and world affairs and in global financial markets. Your destiny is real.