The Wall Cycle (aka 20-Week Cycle)

Like all cycles, the Wall cycle is present in all global markets. The Wall cycle is the one cycle that is essential for both investors and traders. If you divide the ideal 56 year long wave by 144 you have the ideal Wall cycle. The mathematical relationship of these cycles indicates the Wall cycle is a miniature long wave. The approximate 20 week cycle (141.9 days) fluctuates short and long by Fibonacci ratios to the ideal length.

Where is the stock market headed next in the U.S. and other markets? Tracking the Wall cycles is the market cycle tracking intelligence you can use as an investor or trader. The Wall cycle is a natural cycle and force at work in global markets.

An understanding of the Wall cycle provides an excellent tool for entry and exit of investment positions for re-balancing a portfolio of value based stocks, taking profits or taking new positions. Traders will likely find the Wall cycle to be one of the greatest cycle tools for generating short term profits.