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The International Market Cycle Dynamics Letter

The Letter is published on a Quarterly Schedule

Published in a 24 pg. PDF on the following schedule:
Winter Issue – Mid-January
Spring Issue – Mid-April
Summer Issue – Mid-July
Fall Issue – Mid-October

MCD Monthly Briefing Blog (Posted first Wednesday of the month by 11:00 PM EST)

MCD Monthly Briefing Blog Summer Break Schedule

  • Summer Break – No August Monthly Briefing

Monthly Charts of Major Markets and Currencies

Website Tools (Cycle Forecasters and Fibonacci price grids)
The Market Cycle Dynamics (MCD) Formula Timing Plan (PDF Download)

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The International Market Cycle Dynamics Letter provides a quarterly review of all the key stock market cycles for investors and traders. Market cycle timing and support and resistance prices are identified, i.e., 1) entry, 2) exit and 3) stop loss opportunities using market cycle dynamics and new Fibonacci methods in price, time and sentiment. Email notification is sent upon posting, and the letter comes in a 24 page PDF download format with full color charts and commentary.

Market Cycle Dynamics, LLC is pleased to serve a wide range of subscribers including individual investors, investment advisers, money managers, hedge fund managers and high frequency traders, from dozens of countries around the world. Cycles in major U.S. markets, specifically the S&P 500, other developed country markets and emerging markets are covered in the letter and website tools.

Every Quarterly issue plus monthly briefing charts include the following coverage with charts and analysis:

  1. Stock Market Cycles: Front page summary chart of all the cycles in every issue.
  2. Long Wave View: Long Wave perspective on the global economy and markets.
  3. Long Wave Season Survey: The current Long Wave winter season developments.
  4. Kitchin Cycle Update (aka Business Cycle): The investor’s most important cycle.
  5. Kitchin 3rd Cycle: Reviews the the Kitchin 3rd cycle that contains 3 Wall cycles.
  6. Wall Cycle Analysis (aka 20-Week Cycle): The essential cycle for traders.
  7. Quarter Wall Countdown (Trader’s Cycle): Tracking the QW nails the Wall cycle.
  8. Fibonacci price analysis: Price grids locate price support and resistance.
  9. Value Investing: Value stocks based on basic value screen parameters.
  10. Gold and Gold Stocks: Analysis of Gold, XAU Chart and HUI Gold Bugs index.
  11. Developed Markets: Reviews global market indexes and developed countries.
  12. Emerging Markets: Emerging Markets review with specific markets.
  13. Bond markets and interest rates: Long Wave interest rate charts and analysis.
  14. Commodity Market Review: Analysis of the CRB index and major commodities.
  15. Currencies and Global Trade: Long Wave analysis of global trade.
  16. Prices, Utilization and Baltic Dry Index: Essential Long Wave data review.
  17. Political and World Systems Analysis: From the Long Wave viewpoint.
  18. Perspective: Philosophical thoughts and review on a topic of the quarter.

MCD Subscribers also receive access to The MCD Monthly Briefing Blog posted before 11 PM EST on the first Wednesday of every month, with email notification sent when it is posted. The MCD Monthly Briefing Blog is must read for market traders in an online post format. Tracking the market action of the Quarter Wall Cycles and the Fibonacci price grids and targets is essential for traders. The date and price turning points reviewed regularly in the The MCD Monthly Briefing Blog demonstrate the remarkable power of the long wave family of cycles and Market Cycle Dynamics approach to market analysis.

Email notification is sent when the quarterly letter and monthly briefings are posted. RSS feeds are also available to notify subscribers when the newsletter and weekly updates are posted. Bulk email is undependable, so RSS feeds are used for publication notice. Subscribers also have the option of checking the website for the latest letter and monthly briefing blog post. The RSS sign up links can be found at the bottom of the pages for viewing the letter and the blog.

MCD Subscribers also have access to resources and tools on the Market Cycle Dynamics website. The tools include Fibonacci support and resistance price grids and date forecasting tools for each of the key stock market cycles updated regularly. New subscribers have immediate access to the current issue of The International Market Cycle Dynamics Letter and The MCD Monthly Briefing Blog, and all back issues.

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