What Subscribers are Saying

“As a reader of your book, The K Wave, and subscriber to The Market Cycle Dynamics Letter, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your work. My investment life is vastly more simple now, allowing copious free time to pursue other endeavors that are in harmony with the current long wave cycle. I’ve made significant life changing decisions based on the information in your book and have never been happier. I breathed a sigh of relief upon my first reading, as years of market study came together as a tangible perceptual map that I could finally get my head around. I will be forever grateful that you chose to share your research, and look forward to many years of following your work. Bravo! All My Best”

Jay Martin

“….By the way, as a subscriber to your newsletter, I am really enjoying your work because finally someone has helped clarify market cycles and market direction for short, medium and long terms. You’ve helped me to ignore day to day noise in the financial media and provided me with some semblance of confidence that what ever happens in the news, market cycles normally prevail and more importantly provide an accurate framework of how things will actually turn out which is much more powerful than day to day market sentiment/mood swings.  By having a macro view – which you have – the micro stuff seems to just melt away in to the formation of the forecasted cycles. Thanks very much for you work David. I really appreciate what you are doing to help ordinary investors understand the bigger picture and natural Business and human emotion cycles.  This stuff is much more powerful than any quant computer or corrupt politician/government.”

Joe Rocca

“I wish to congratulate you for your work, the Market Cycle Dynamics Formula Timing Plan is a priceless tool for investors and traders.”


I’m currently 55 years old, a physician, and am closing in on the ability to retire early. In the early 90’s a dear friend loaned me The Great Reckoning by Davidson & Rees Mogg. I read it and was stunned overall, but I remember clearly their chapter on long waves. It made a lot of sense. At that time I was essentially indigent; over $100,000 in debt from med school and with NO financial or investing savvy and not a nickel in retirement accounts. I started reading and dabbling, subscribed to IBD, read “How to make money in Stocks“, lost a bit of money in stocks and futures, found a translation of the original works by Kondratieff, couldn’t read a word of it (and fortunately returned the books for full refund!), and in 1995 got a lucrative position as a chief at a small hospital. I started putting away lots of money and of course hooked up with one of the churning institutions. I lost about $50,000 there. But about that time I found your K wave book, bought it, read it, and became convinced that we were entering a “winter” around 2000. Although I didn’t understand all the nuances – housing starts, price of Gold, T bills, what went up when and why…I did get the basics, and as I read newsletters and other like minded books voraciously started to see that the pattern seemed to fit the K wave perfectly. That’s all I needed to know. After an ill timed excursion back into stocks about the time of the Tech Wreck, I altered my portfolio to reflect my understanding of the K wave. I haven’t made much in investing, but I invested in metals, saved, got out of stocks, and mostly out of bonds, diversified overseas, and steadily grew my net worth over the last decade. I was so taken with K wave theory that I started looking for another copy of your book. Of course, it was out of print and available used on Amazon for up to $75-200! I finally found a second copy and have one for each of my boys. They’ve been instructed to learn this and use it to guide their financial futures, and not to pay any attention to any fool who tells them that the business cycle is dead. Then just a few days ago I got an ad from something with your new book on it so I ordered one. I’m thrilled to see you are “still out there” and have a newsletter and look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Thanks for making The K Wave readable. Along with The Great Reckoning, the Coming Economic Earthquake (published back in the late 80’s, I think), and Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, you probably literally saved my financial life.

Best – Joe Ullman, Falmouth, Maine

“Just a word of how pleased I am with your service. I have subscribed to many other services in the past, and unfortunately they have been a lot of promises and not substance. Please continue doing what you are doing, and the way you are doing it and I will be a subscriber the rest of my life. My only regret is that I did not find out about your service a long time ago.”

Jose Navarro, Leesburg Virginia

“I have been reading David Barker’s books and newsletters since the mid 1990’s, beginning with The K Wave. Barker’s explanation of The K Wave Theory, economic field theory, the historical concept of “Jubilee”, all struck a cord with me. The past few years have seen a vast array of evidence of the K Wave Winter…bankruptcies of people, major corporations, small businesses, foreclosures, bank closings, unemployment and asset depreciation. Many of us have seen intimate examples of these. We have even seen entire countries on the brink of insolvency. The concepts laid forth by David Barker in The International Market Cycle Dynamics Letter have given me a framework on which to hang all these events, and helped me to comprehend all these changes. Importantly, it is good to know that a long wave spring will follow this long wave winter season.”

Bob B., M.D., USA

“Your work has lifted my trading confidence a lot. I’ve done 87 trades on the DJIA and NDX 100 and only got 7 wrong this month. Cheers for that! No one else I subscribed to has been that good on time targets. Cheers again! All the best!”

Dave S., United Kingdom

MCD and Wyckoff are a marriage made in Heaven….

First of all I would like to thank you and commend you for all your brilliant work.

As you know I was a Student and follower of the late great PQ Wall but what you may not know is that I use the Wyckoff Method as taught by Hank Pruden as my “frame work” and tool box to develop trading ideas and to manage funds for the past 16 years. Specifically I have adapted MCD/Wall, Elliot, Fibonnacci, Candlestick and Point and Figure into the Pruden/Wyckoff Method to generate highly accurate “Non-correlated” price and time targets clusters.

When all other methods of analysis, including Point and Figure fail MCD/Wall’s Methodology has tools that help clear a way through the murk and to the kernel of truth most times with uncanny accuracy. Your work has not only built on Mr. Wall’s Legacy but you have taken it to new heights opening a virtual “Pandora’s Box” of understanding to me so much so that MCD has taken the place of P&F as the foundation of my methodology.

As it is above so it is below! MCD reminds us that Nature’s clock is far more powerful than any “intervention” man can devise. That Long Wave Cycles are ever present even when they are extended by Man’s machinations. That Nature still rules supreme and that all her laws must be respected and most important that they can be profited from! So it’s just not fair!, to the other guys that is……

I no longer “climb the wall of worry” as I am fully prepared and ready to “pounce” because I can fully map out high probability opportunistic trades or trade both sides and hedge effectively without having to expose myself or my clients to inappropriate time risks because we can ESTIMATE price targets and potential Cycle top and bottom turns unlike any other methodology including all the tools used in Wyckoff.

“The hardest thing in the world to be is right, the next hardest thing to be is right and remain patient!” I was taught to view Trading like a road trip on an invisible “BUS”. Nobody gets on the invisible “BUS” without having a destination unless you really have nowhere to go which is another story (retail investors). In this case you get on the invisible “BUS” (markets) with a ticket (trade) to take you somewhere (profit) but instead of the intended destination your ticket is a Roullette wheel. The invisible “BUS is your “Behavior Under Stress” because you don’t know which direction the invisible “BUS” is going until you leave. So, you better have a plan for what to do when things go right. What is more important is what you do when things go wrong and believe me they do. Like when your invisible “BUS” your (Behaviour Under Stress) backs over you and wipes out your trade because you can’t believe what your eyes are seeing due to “normalcy bias”.

Market Cycle Dynamics provides a Road Map and a framework of time and destination (price) that you can follow to mitigate most; wrong turns (whipsaws), road bumps (program trades), speed traps (HFT) and other nastiness like sink holes (The fed). It no longer becomes “if” this is going to happen it becomes “when” this is going to happen. Once it becomes “when” you increase your probability of taking the appropriate action when the time comes because you have a “road map’ to follow to your destination (price/time) instead of stumbling down the road blindly getting run over by other invisible BUSes (arbitrage)!

MCD has dramatically improved my right to wrong ratio’s and improved my “patience” discipline. It is not so important to be right but is very important to be profitable!

“Give a Man a fish he will eat for one day, teach a Man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime!”

Thanks David, MCD makes us all better and more profitable Fisherman!

Sincerely yours,

Russell Wm. Brower-Berkhoven, Esq.
“aut viam inveniam ad astra aut faciam”- “I will find a way to the stars or I will make one!”
Phoenix Financial Services
6458 Central Saanich Rd
Victoria BC CANADA V8Z 5TT

“I wanted to send a brief note to let you know how impressed I have been with the Fibonacci grid tools for projecting price pivot targets and time cycles. I use the grids mostly when trading the S&P E-mini contact, and have watched the market use the ranges of the level 3 grids as support & resistance on a daily basis. They are always at my side when trading or planning for future positions. I find these tools to be invaluable. Also, your efforts to expand the content of the newsletter and the website is much appreciated. Keep up the good work, and thanks for your service.”

Bob Leisey, Raleigh, NC, USA

“I’ve been a MCD member for 3 months and find the materials, tools and processes very helpful to my trading. David’s insightful cyclic views of the market make sense and provide me the big picture market direction as well as time saving tools to pin point potential market turning points. His analysis is thorough yet easy to understand. If you haven’t read David’s book, The K Wave, I highly recommend it. It is a must read for traders and investors and is a great overview of the economic cycles Dave puts into practice at MCD.”

R. Flynn, Merrimack, NH

“Market Cycle Dynamics not only provides me with the tools needed to predict future pivot points in the markets, but I think more importantly it has provided me the educational background to understand and appreciate the principles that guide market cycles, particularly the Wall Cycle that is useful for traders. As an observer of the markets, it never ceases to amaze me to see how cycles unfold as predicted and manifest themselves on a weekly and monthly basis. I use MCD most frequently for the top and bottom Wall cycle forecasters. The algorithm is pre-programmed with the last significant pivot, to give an output of dates that are frequently useful as future pivot points. Even in an era of POMO and billion dollar bailouts, being aware of the influence of important cycles gives me more confidence when preparing my market orders.”

Douglas G., Washington, DC

“David produces the best, most detailed analysis of our current position within the Kondratieff Wave that I have found. I would not want to be without his interpretation.”

J.E., Minnesota, USA