The MCD Market Cycles

The table below presents the global stock market cycles tracked by MCD. These cycles represent the fields of human action directing buying and selling in financial markets, producing cycle trends. The most important long term cycle is the Kondratieff Long Wave, the most important short-term cycle is its miniature cycle, the Wall cycle. They are the two most structurally sound cycles, representing two levels of wholeness in the self-organizing social system organized by “morphic” fields in human action in international political economy and global financial markets.

The International Market Cycle Dynamics Letter provides quarterly analysis and a weekly briefing on the MCD family of cycles for subscribers. The obvious objective is to identify high probability cycle turns for investors and traders.

Please note that the cycles are running longer than their ideal lengths in the current long wave and Wall cycles by their degrees of freedom in Fibonacci ratios in time. This is due to aggressive fiscal and monetary stimulus from governments and central banks respectively worldwide.

MCD Family of Cycles

Accurate and timely cycle research is essential for individual investors, traders, investment advisers, hedge fund managers and mutual fund managers that make their own informed investment decisions. MCD provides cycle analysis in search of cycle turns for each of these cycles for subscribers. Click on the specific cycle tab to learn more about each cycle.

MCD has discovered that cycles often run short or long in Fibonacci ratios of their ideal lengths. The financial market and cycle analysis methodology used by MCD allows the identification of cycle based buying and selling opportunities for investors and traders.

The current Kondratieff long wave began in 1949. MCD’s projection is that the current global long wave winter season will end and the next long wave spring season will in the next few years. However, the smaller cycles are more important for investors. The stock market is now in the final regular market cycle of the current long wave winter season.

Tracking cycles is essential to improving the performance of investors and traders. By understanding the market cycle dynamics family of cycles, and value based investment principles, there are regular opportunities for “intelligent investors,” in the words of Benjamin Graham, to buy undervalued stocks at market cycle bottoms and then to take profits in such investments at market cycle tops for reallocation of capital or when raising cash is required.