Monthly Archives: February 2011

The Pricing Mechanism of Markets: S&P 500 1344.07 and US 30-Year $117.09

Evidence is mounting that the pricing mechanism of global markets creates spontaneous order out of the chaos of billions of people pursuing their self-interested purpose. Arriving at a price for products, services and financial assets is the heart of this process. There are successes and failures in every round of pricing, which are priced into…
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The Edge of Chaos

Nobel economist Friedrich Hayek’s most enduring legacy is his defense of classical liberalism and free market capitalism. The Road to Serfdomis Hayek’s case against central planning, something he viewed as a product of human design as opposed to human action. Hayek and his mentor Ludwig von Mises were the preeminent writers and thinkers of the…
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Tracking Individual Stock Cycles in Price and Time

Individual stock cycles in price and time are the building blocks of major market index cycles. Historically it has been more effective to study stock market cycles using major market indexes as opposed to individual stocks. More recently, since the Federal Reserve has taken up their third mandate mantra of manipulating global markets into a…
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