Monthly Archives: October 2011

Emerging Markets Telegraphing Trouble in 2012

During the last global long wave winter season that occurred in the 1930s and 1940s major economic changes took place that were similar to what the global economy is experiencing today. The big glaring difference at that time was that free market capitalism was losing vast swaths of global markets to communism, dictatorship and stifling…
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Occupy Wall Street and the End of Crony Capitalism

Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are sweeping the globe. Universally, demonstrators recognize that there is something fundamentally flawed with the current system of international political economy. Most interesting, the left and the right agree on a few key issues. For decades, big business has bought and paid for political favors that have undermined the system, rotting…
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The Paradox of Deflation Facing Global Investors

The primary purpose for markets is to allow buyers and sellers to reach a deal, strike a price. Anything that distorts this purpose, leads the world inexorably toward crisis and chaos. Free markets best determine prices based on how many sellers there are of goods, services and assets and how much they have available to…
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