MCD Software

MCD is in development for an upgrade to MetaStock v. 12. Please check back.

MCD is a proprietary market cycle tracking software solution developed by Market Cycles Dynamics, LLC and built to run with MetaStock, the technical analysis software from Innovative Market Analysis, powered by global market data from Thomson Reuters.  MCD was created for the purpose of tracking market cycles and identify short and long-term turns in any global market, including stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, interest rates and currencies.

The MCD User Guide provides detailed information on MCD installation and methods and will help you determine if the MCD tool is right for you and your investing and trading requirements. You can access and review the MCD User Guide after becoming an LWD or MCD Plan A or Plan B subscriber.

Market Cycle Dynamics (MCD) Subscriber Plans:

  1. MCD Plan A – 1 Year $377 U.S. Dollars (annually)
  2. MCD Plan B – 1 Month $55 U.S. Dollars (monthly)

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MCD applies breakthrough market cycle discoveries using Fibonacci ratios in price, time and sentiment. MCD was created for experienced investors and traders that recognize the power of technical analysis to identify high probability market turns. MCD was also created as a tool for value investors to identify opportunities to buy value at cycle lows and sell more dearly at cycle highs. The objective is to reduce risks and improve performance for investors or traders.

MCD incorporates a powerful break-through Fibonacci drill-down grid approach to market price analysis. Fibonacci drill-down grids identify high probability Fibonacci turns, generated by trading algorithms. Fibonacci price grids are a natural force in markets, but they are also driven by algorithms programmed by quantitative analysts (QUANTS),  and used by computer driven high frequency traders (HFTs) and hedge funds to maximize their performance. Investors and traders that are not tracking these price grids are missing important information for their decision making.

Market Cycle Dynamis was also created as a tool for all students of market cycles to test any cycle theory. MCD provides for custom cycle analysis and can be used to back-test any cycle for tops and bottoms.

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