Coca Cola Fibonacci Grid

The Coca Cola Co. (KO) chart below illustrates how the low and high Level 1 Fibonacci price targets were determined. The Fibonacci grid below the chart is preset with those Level 1 low and high Fibonacci target prices.

To drill down to the next level in the grid just pick any two adjacent Fibonacci target prices in the grid and enter them into the low and high fields. Click on the screen and the grid will recalcuate with the new Fibonacci grid level targets. Refresh the screen to return to the Level 1 Fibonacci grid. The 50% target is not recommended in a Fiboancci drill-down grid, i.e., use the 38.2% and 61.8% targets to generate the next drill-down when a stock or index is trading in that range.

Fibonacci Grid Price Target Forecaster

Coca Cola Co. (KO)

Interactive Fibonacci Grid

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