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The Dynamic Web, & the Fibonacci S&P Golden Ratio 1013.14

Those who followed the research of the late great market forecaster PQ Wall will recall his concept of the Dynamic Web for market price analysis. My Fibonacci price grid research builds on PQ’s Dynamic Web research. A brief review of PQ’s approach helps explain how Fibonacci price grids bring additional clarity and powerful investing and…
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The Crisis of Capitalism; Why the Socialists are Wrong

Clearly international free market capitalism is the midst of the greatest long wave debt crisis in history; including government, corporate and personal debt. Overcapacity plagues virtually every industry around the globe from Taipei to Toledo to Timbuktu. Debt, overcapacity, and their impact on market prices are the key long wave winter season trends that have…
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Bernanke's Blackhawk Helicopter and the Global Currency-Trade War; DEFCON 2

Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, Ben Bernanke, is now famous for declaring his willingness to use a helicopter to dispense dollars to stop U.S. deflation. In the spirit of shock and awe, he promised the indiscriminate firing of dollars into the U.S. and global economy, without concern for friendly fire casualties. Granted, indiscriminate…
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Fibonacci Trading Grids and the Fading S&P 500 1228 Target

Investors and traders are increasingly recognizing the value of using Fibonacci ratios to anticipate support and resistance prices in major equity indexes. Fibonacci ratios are natural phenomena found in seashells, tree rings, music masterpieces like Beethoven’s ninth symphony, and even in the order found in the structure of galaxies. A major equity index like the…
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Tracking Stock Market Cycles with Long Wave Dynamics and Theory 144

In the 1920s Russian economist Nikolai Kondratieff discovered that international free market capitalism goes through regular boom and bust cycles, he called them long waves. Investors and traders commonly view the long wave as an obscure unproven theory, without profitable application to modern financial markets. Growing evidence suggests that such an assessment of the long…
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The Long Wave (aka The K Wave) “Jubilee” Cycle

The long wave debate rages on. Meanwhile, the global debt berg, the chief product of crony state capitalism, has begun to block the profligate paths of listing ships of state. The confident captains of crony state capitalism are at the helm, sailing into the foggy financial abyss of cascading sovereign debt defaults. The growing black…
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