MCD Software Download

MCD is in development for an upgrade to MetaStock v. 12. Please check back.

MCD Subscription Trials and Subscriber Options:

MCD is available for a free two-week trial period to Annual Plan A or Monthly Plan B subscribers of The Market Cycle Dynamics Letter (MCD). MCD subscribers receive a FREE 2-Week MCD Trial. Following the two-week trial period, you then have the following two MCD software subscriber options.

Market Cycle Dynamics (MCD) Subscriber Plans:

  1. MCD Plan A – 1 Year $377 U.S. Dollars (annually)
  2. MCD Plan B – 1 Month $55 U.S. Dollars (monthly)

You also have the option of subscribing to MCD only and not subscribing to the letter.

Click here to become an MCD Subscriber

MetaStock is required to run MCD. Click here for a 30-Day FREE Trial to MetaStock.

Please read all the MCD download and installation information carefully.

MCD users should first download the MCD Installation document after becoming an MCD subscriber or subscribing to The MCD Letter and review it before installing MCD. MCD runs in conjunction with MetaStock. MetaStock installation on your computer is required for the use of MCD.

In order to run the Market Cycle Dynamics software, you will need to ensure that the following minimum system and software requirements are met by your computer system.

  • Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
  • Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.0 or later (download .Net Framework 4.0).
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express (2005 download) or later Express (2008 download) or Express (2012 download).
  • MetaStock® (get a FREE 30 day trial).

IMPORTANT: Make sure you install SQL Server as an ADMINISTRATOR.

Microsoft SQL Server Installation Tutorials are available on YouTube:

Video Tutorial for: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition

Video Tutorial for: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

Before downloading and installing MCD, first download and install Microsoft SQL Server Express, 2005 or 2008 edition as an administrator. SQL Server Express is required prior to installing and running MCD. SQL Server Express is the database engine that stores the data required to run and store charts with MCD.

Additionally it is highly recommended that you be identified as an administrator on the computer that you are installing the Market Cycle Dynamics Configuration Tool© software.

By downloading MCD Software you signify your acceptance of the MCD Software License Terms.

Do not run the setup files online, first download the required files onto your computer.

The MCD User Guide and MCD download file is visible to MCD and LWD Subscribers only.

Please download and review the free MCD Install and User Guide before purchasing and